Founded November 2015 11Seann St.Paul-Butler (President)Gross Busters Marketing Inc. was formed to provide high impact cutting edge sales events for dealers who want to maintain professionalism and good reputation while making lucritive profits. Sales with Gross Busters is an excellent way kickstart your store by increasing the bottom line and retail numbers by using your existing resources.

Since we are typicaly trading your previous customers out of their current units you will expect to see a high influx of new vehicles sales. We are not your typical road team, Its true we are there to create fast profits, move the ball up field, clean up and get out quick. However we strike with surgical accuracy so that clean up and heat is kept to a minimal. Gross Busters always strives to provide great customer service to both our dealer partners and their clients.

  • Colin Schutz (GM)
    I forgot how fun a pumped up sales atmosphere was to work in, these guys brought me right back.  Exciting, awesome show of skills and a real help to the bottom line!
    Colin Schutz (GM)
    Jerry Ford
  • Davy Peters (DP)
    These guys know what they are doing and they don't waste any time doing it, I have already booked for June 2018.
    Davy Peters (DP)
    True North Ford
  • Dennis Brown (GM)
    As soon as they showed up the place just jumped alive it was a full blown feeding frenzy, I have never seen anything like it.  The customers were excited and happy the units where flying off the lot and there was no mess after, WOW!
    Dennis Brown (GM)
    Hinton Chrysler
  • Dean Pezderic
    I have recommended these guys to my dealers time and time again and they always come through!
    Dean Pezderic
    First Canadian Insurance
  • Les Lansperg (President)
    We did an offsite last year with these guys and they rocked it, great hire no questions asked.
    Les Lansperg (President)
    Lansperg Automotive Group
  • Dale Perkins (DP)
    I could not believe how GBM woke my sleepy little town up they sold 48 rides in 10 days just on the phones.  They rolled 5 the first day without any advertising, absolute magic!
    Dale Perkins (DP)
    North Star Chrysler
  • Lincoln Manzevich (GM)
    These guys came in, rocked the house sold lots of new inventory and cleaned things up in a nice little bow and went on their way.  I will definitely use this group again, in fact I already re booked them! 
    Lincoln Manzevich (GM)
    Camrose Chrysler
  • This is my 5th time using GBM in two years for private sale events and they are still rocking it consistently.  If you want real results you can count on call in these guys, they are the true one and only A team.
    Steve Moll (GM)
    Denham Chrysler

3 reasons why GBM
is for you!

Whether you think you can or you can't, your right.

- Henry Ford

Profit is not a dirty word.

- Steve Jobs

Event Results









Our sales teams hard at work.


  • Trucks & Convertables @ Camrose Chrysler. (Camrose Alberta)

  • Sun & Sky In the Prairies ( Yorkton SK)

  • Another Jeep hits the open road..... With another happy client. ( Yorkton SK.)


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